5 Priceless Gifts You Already Give Your Kids Every Day

By Toni Birdsong


If you are like me, the holidays usher in an assortment of feelings—some warm and fuzzy and some not so much. Every year I vow to chill out on the gifts and focus more on family, friends, and quiet reflection. But before I can get through the first verse of “Silent Night” in my head, I fall off the simplicity wagon and face first into the mud of holiday expectations. There are parties, trips, visitors, and of course, the three-page wish list from my kids that will taunt me like a circus monkey—if I let it.

It’s taken me nearly 19 years of roller coaster holidays to figure out that as a parent, I set the tone, the focus, and the expectation for the holidays. In fact, I own the holidays (if you haven’t heard). I’ve also discovered that my perspective—not my checkbook or my party calendar—determines the amount of peace I experience in my home and on this earth for that matter. See, it can only be a season full of blessing and bounty if your perspective is that you are, indeed, more abundantly blessed than not. From a parenting point of view that means that you are doing more …read more

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Approximately £9.50 or €12.50 per month.

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