7 Tips to Boost Your Family Goal Setting for 2015

By Toni Birdsong


To catch a vision for your family in the year ahead first requires a brief look back. What worked in your family this year and what didn’t? What rules, priorities, or thinking could use some fine-tuning? If you could do the last year over, what decisions would you change? What decisions moved your family forward? Where did you over commit your time and what areas need more attention? Candidly assessing the wins and losses can be a wonderfully powerful tool as you step into 2015.

In the spirit of starting fresh—with that oh-so-beautiful, crisp, white slate—here are 7 tips to boost your family goals in 2015:

  1. Include everyone. It’s tempting as a parent to simply establish and communicate the decisions you deem best for your family each day. However, when it comes to goal setting, it’s essential to your success to include input from every family member. When individuals feel ownership in goal, they become invested in the process of reaching it.
  1. Get brutally honest. Get real with your expectations and ask yourself: Is this goal really doable? Am I setting the bar too high? Can our whole family really hit the gym together three times a week with our current schedule? …read more

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