School Holiday Survival Guide

By Cybermum Australia

The long summer holidays are almost here in Australia. Yippee!

For some parents, the idea of spending six weeks with their children is a truly joyous thought, for others – not so much.

Getting through a six week vacation relatively unscathed might seem very ambitious. Arguments around going places, spending money and screen time can be so wearing for parents. But with a little planning (and even a little Christmas spirit), I really believe that this long six week break can be the perfect opportunity to recharge and get family bonding back on track.

Here are some of my top tips for surviving (and even enjoying) the Summer holidays:

  1. Set Boundaries

The best way to avoid arguments is to set boundaries right from the start. Whether it is holiday spending money, screen time or social activities, ensure your kids understand what the rules and limits will be right from the start of the holidays. If you have a laminator at home (the best thing I ever bought!) why not event print it and display in the home?

  1. Don’t Demonise Technology

The biggest concern of many parents is managing screen time during school holidays. Technology is very alluring and engaging – …read more

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