“The Greatest Job”: Every day successes in the Movement

By Hysen Sisco


I have the greatest job on the face of the earth. I truly believe that. It is heaven-sent and I count it as a blessing every day to be here, able to stand up for the dignity of others and give voice to the many who are exploited. We hear from people every week who would like to be doing what I am privileged to do, but Almighty God has given this job to me. I am blessed and feel a great responsibility to fulfill this calling to the best that I can.

What makes this work so great? Well, first, no one else is doing it. At Morality in Media, we do unique work. I don’t mean there aren’t others in the battle. There are and they do great work. Without them, MIM’s many victories would not happen, but it is because of MIM’s leadership that there is a movement swelling, bringing crowds of new leaders to join this war.

However, none of what we do is possible without the generous support of friends like you. That is why I write <a target="_blank" rel="nofollow" href="https://mim.kindful.com/campaigns/2976?amount=0.0&guest=true" data-name="to ask you to contribute to our efforts before …read more

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