When it Comes to Cyber Parenting are you Looking for the Black Box, or are you Using RADAR?

By Peter Andrada

Co-Authored by Stacy Conner, Director of Global Channel Marketing at Intel Security

Hi, it’s Stacey Conner and Peter Andrada coming to you live from the cafeteria of HQ Intel Security wishing we could trade the Coke Freestyle machine for a live barista.

Many of us parents out there are looking for some silver bullet solution to help us navigate cyber parenting. In talking about this perceived need, Stacey came up with an analogy that might help.

In an airplane a Black Box is recording EVERYTHING. People look to it when something goes very wrong. The Black Box records events on all systems of an airplane and records conversations on board.

We parents might think that having a Black Box at home for all mobile devices and computers would be that silver bullet solution. But let’s think about that. There is something among IT geeks, like Peter, called “notification fatigue”. This is when a server administrator is getting hundreds of e-mails from various systems that they are responsible for. What happens after the first 500? The server administrator has stopped reading and hitting the delete key, and instead is looking a way to turn of those notifications. …read more

Read the full article here: https://blogs.mcafee.com/consumer/family-safety/when-it-comes-to-cyber-parenting-are-you-looking-for-the-black-box-or-are-you-using-radar

Approximately £9.50 or €12.50 per month.

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