Could Facebook Get a ‘Dislike’ Button? Why Parents Ought to Care

By Toni Birdsong


There’s revived discussion in the halls of Facebook about adding a ‘dislike’ button to the popular social network. In fact, the dislike button is more of a reality than not, according to a recent report in Beta News.

While the Facebook team has long noticed the gap in expression options on network (who doesn’t feel strange liking a post about a missing child?) the addition of a ‘dislike’ button may divide us even more. And, in the case of teens, it could be just one more way to crash and burn emotionally.

Think I’m overreacting? Mention a ‘dislike’ button to a group of teens and you will hear immediate snickers and muffled expressions of joy. It’s the button some teens (and adults) have been waiting, if not aching for. It makes sense that if collecting a lot of likes can put a teen’s self-esteem and mood on the upswing, then attracting as many ‘dislikes’ can make that same mood plummet. Not welcome news in light of more and more studies connecting social media habits to depression in teens.

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