How a Music or Celebrity Search Can Wreak Havoc on Your Family’s Tech

By Toni Birdsong

MDC 2015_Infographic_EN-US_FINAL

You may not have heard of celebrity Electronic Dance Music (EDM) DJ Armin Van Buuren, but chances are, your music-savvy kids have searched online for the radio personality who has garnered the #1 spot as Intel Security’s 2015 Most Dangerous Celebrities™.

According to this year’s ninth annual study (see graphic, right), searching for the latest news, pictures, and downloads on Van Buuren yields more than a one in five chance of landing on a virus-laden website.

So why do cyber crooks love celebrities?

A celebrity who stirs up a lot of buzz is a welcome mat for cyber criminals scouting out ways to take advantage of the public’s interest in pop culture. Criminals capitalize on fresh celebrity buzz by enticing unsuspecting consumers to malware-rich sites that woo visitors with promises of free downloads or fraudulent login prompts designed to steal personal information.

Unfortunately, your child’s simple search for a song download, or a funny YouTube video may unleash a tidal wave of digital destruction on the family technology.

Other celebrities who came up on the hot list of malware magnets include Luke Bryan, Usher, Britney Spears, Jay Z and Katy Perry (the 2-6, respectively). Rounding out the top 10 are Amy Schumer, Betty White, Lorde, …read more

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