10 Ways to Help Your Kids Deal with Digital Friction

By Toni Birdsong


Has your teen been a little moody lately, short-tempered, or even oddly quiet? Outside of the normal teen angst, there could be some digital friction going on beneath that tentative smile. An off-color joke, a false accusation, a mean comment, an unreturned text; all of these peer slights can cause an emotional avalanche in any teen.

Clear communication is fast becoming the holy grail of the digital world. Think about it: As adults, we mess up the most simple digital conversations every day. Something is bound to go awry when critical communication pegs such as context and intention become casualties living in the crossfire of clipped, 140-character updates.

Can you imagine what that’s like for a tween or teen with a fraction of the communication skills of most adults? Sometimes the conflict becomes a brief, awkward interchange that’s quickly extinguished. Other times, a miscommunication can escalate into a broken friendship, cyberbullying, and even threatening off-line encounters.

If your kids use social networks (and we include email and texting in that definition) then they are clicking (often unaware) through potential digital minefields each day.

How do you guide your kids through this potentially explosive territory?

Here are 10 tips to help your teen handle …read more

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