How to Boost Your Teen’s Selfie Safety IQ

By Toni Birdsong


More people accidentally die each year while taking selfies than die from shark attacks. Sounds like an urban legend, right? Unfortunately, it’s a fact, according to Mashable.

It’s clear your teen knows how to take a selfie but does he or she know how to take a safe selfie? It’s a bigger deal than you might realize.

According to recent news reports, an increasing number of people are losing their lives to get that ‘hey-look-at-me’ selfie. Tragically, people have accidentally fallen from cliffs, been hit by trains, touched live wires, wrecked cars, and detonated guns and grenades while taking selfies.

While you may assume your child would never attempt to take a selfie in a dangerous—even stupid—situation, don’t be so certain.

Kids (and adults!) are proving each day and in very public ways that common sense isn’t always front-of-mind when the creative urge to take that unique, adventurous selfie hits. So obvious are the pitfalls of selfies-gone-wrong that public warning signs are being posted to remind the public that taking risky selfies can be dangerous.

So concerned about the issue, the Russian government recently launched a Safe Selfie campaign to address the issue. This summer the Russian Interior of Ministry released a brochure that …read more

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