My Top Tips for Building Online Resilience

By Cybermum Australia

The capacity to recover from difficulties; to spring back into shape; the ability to be elastic – these are all definitions of that magic word parents all talk about and desperately hope we are teaching our children – resilience.

There is no doubt that resilient folk fare better in life. The ability to rationalise adversity, laugh off life’s hiccups and ‘pick yourself up and dust yourself off’ are key ingredients in getting through life relatively unscathed.

But teaching kids resilience is not an overnight project – ideally it is a lifelong one that should start when they are babies. And I believe it is truly multifaceted as it involves teaching behaviours, thoughts and actions over time that together helps form their ‘resilience’ armour.

When it comes to teaching our kids how to be resilient in the online world, I really believe there are a few key areas we as parents need to focus on to ensure our offspring can navigate their digital lives with their resilience armour working for them. Here are my top focus areas:

  1. Make Connections Online

Teach your child how to be a good friend online so they will have a solid group of friends online who can …read more

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