Oversharing – Don’t Blame It All On The Kids!

No matter which way you interpret the plethora of research, it is very clear – our teens are oversharing. The 2015 Intel Security research, entitled Teens, Tweens & Technology, shows that nearly 40% of Aussie teens have shared the name of their school, 25% have posted their email address and 17% have shared their full birth date on social media!! Makes you feel a little nauseous, doesn’t it!

However it isn’t just the kids oversharing! It seems that us adults are also prone to committing this online sin particularly when it comes to photos. In fact, research conducted by the UK advocacy group, The Parent Zone, shows us parents are really putting a lot of time into photos with the average child featuring in 973 pics before their 5th birthday.

And just to make the issue even more complex, it appears that us parents aren’t really managing our privacy settings…

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