The Facebook Cull and Why You Should Embrace It!

So, how many friends do you have on Facebook? Do you really know them or were they just a passing acquaintance? When was the last time you had interactions with every single one of them?

If you are anything like me – you probably can’t remember all the details of the interactions BUT I am confident that I know all of them. Although there maybe a few I haven’t spoken to in person for over 20 years!!!

Sometimes, online friends just creep on us. You may have ‘friended’ someone you met briefly at a conference, a parent of another child who you no longer see, or maybe an old neighbour who moved away years ago. And like all good bedrooms and sock drawers, a regular clean-up is a very healthy idea.

British University lecturer, Brian Lobel, is currently touring the world teaching interested parties the most conflict-free way of culling…

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