How to Establish Morning and After School Routines

For many parents like me, back to school means two things: hectic mornings and stressful afternoons. The first time I had to get two children out the door by 7:30 A.M., I was stressed. Two months into that first school year, my temper started to give and I’d scream, leaving two very confused and upset little girls on my wake.

Clearly, I am not a morning person. And having a scene in the morning prevented us from getting out the door on time. When the kids came home from school, there was even more tension. They wanted to do their thing but I wanted them to pay attention to what they needed to prepare for the next day, such as homework projects or notes from school. Chaos seemed to reign as soon as they ran in the door.

By the end of that same school year, however, I created a plan that

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Approximately £9.50 or €12.50 per month.

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