Lifestage: a new Facebook app for Teens

On Friday, Facebook announced a new app for teens called Lifestage-a teen only app using mostly video content. It’s not surprising that Facebook would be trying to appeal to the teen demographic (a demographic that has shied away from Facebook since their parents joined). The app was designed by a teen Michael Sayman, 19-year old prodigy. Lifestage is Michael’s second app for Facebook, his first app 4Snaps was developed when he was 16-years old and within the first year had over one-million downloads.

According to Facebook, this new app is centered around the teen’s high school, allowing them to easily connect with peers from school using short videos. Lifestage profile suggests videos about your bestie, your favorite food, or maybe your new hairstyle. Also, viewers are able to like, dislike, or react using a few emoji choices.

How does Lifestage know what videos to share?

The user answers a series of question about their

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Approximately £9.50 or €12.50 per month.

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