Rules for Cell Phone Use in School

Could you imagine 20 years ago having a rule for a cell phone in school? Cell phones were not around back then and students never had access to phones in school (unless they went to the office to borrow a landline phone to call someone). Just last week, a Guidance Counselor told me that when students go to the office (to borrow a phone to call home) they are not sure how to operate the traditional landline phones. They have never even heard a busy signal before.

Today, the average child has a cell phone by middle school (6th grade) and if the school allows it, they will be in the student’s possession during the school day. This is a debatable topic, phones being allowed in school. I have asked hundreds of parents, teachers and administrators this exact question, should cell phones be allowed in school? Depending on who you ask,

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Approximately £9.50 or €12.50 per month.

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