Travel Tech: How To Stay Safe When You Travel

I don’t think there are many more exciting experiences than holidays. No housework, no routines, no daily grind – just fun and good times.

But when we are full of excitement and away from our normal routine, it’s often easy to forget the basics and that includes digital safety.

Intel Australia recently undertook some research into the travel tech habits of Aussies and the results were a little concerning, especially when it comes to the biggest travel tech issue – Wi-Fi. It seems our ‘relaxed Aussie’ approach may be putting our online safety at risk.

The research shows that 44% of Aussies connect to Wi-Fi when travelling, out of these 42% use hotel Wi-Fi-, 35% use any Wi-Fi they can access, 10% use public transport Wi-Fi and 12% use Café Wi-Fi. And 32% of Aussies don’t check to see if the Wi-Fi connection is secure before connecting! So, it seems…

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