3 Ways to Make Screen Time Productive for Kids

Making screen time productive for teenagers is tough. But, let’s be honest you’re not going to take away their cell phone. We threaten, we yell, we even actually take the phone sometimes, but we also live in a digital age. Just like our cell phones are literally lifelines for us, they’ve become that way for our children too. So, here’s to faking it until you make it. Meaning, stop acting like the cell phone is your worst enemy. We all know that the more you try to force your teen away from something, the more they’re drawn toward it.

Rather than try to force my oldest son to stop looking up boobs on the Internet, I’m enlisting a different strategy. Along with using the Net Nanny app for parental control, I’m thinking the key is to get him to organically (and slowly, but surely) decrease the amount of unproductive screen time

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Approximately £9.50 or €12.50 per month.

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