Five Helpful Ways to Make a Successful Transition to Middle School

Gone are the sweet goodbye hugs at the classroom door. Gone are the volunteer hours in the classroom where I could legitimately spy on my child. Gone are the long conversations with other parents at school drop off and pick up. Middle school is a big and lonely place filled with “mini-adults” I once knew as adorable.

As I think about it, my own feelings about transitioning into middle school may be similar in some ways to my child’s. Transitioning to middle is tough on both parent and child. Here are five ways to make the transition smoother.

Manage the Logistics. Most often the change to middle school means a change in a physical campus with a very different routine. Middle schoolers have to suddenly navigate a large campus, manage several teachers and handle more homework.
Obviously, parents cannot walk their kids from class to class, but planning ahead with school tours, campus

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