Five Stranger-Danger Tips for Pokémon GO

There has been no shortage of news articles about the Pokémon GO phenomenon, the good, the bad and the ugly (some of those critters are pretty scary-looking!). On a positive note, Pokémon GO is encouraging children, and even families, to get outside and explore — it’s fun to get exercise when you’re playing a game, right? While the game’s reality is augmented, it doesn’t stop real life dangers from occurring while your kids are out playing.

Always be aware

I think about my own son, so engrossed in a game on his iPad that he doesn’t hear me call him for dinner, and I can only imagine how dangerous it would be to let him play Pokémon GO on his own. People are already so engrossed in their smartphones that they unknowingly step out into traffic, so it’s extremely important for you to continually remind your child to be aware of his

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