Sexting Can Have Long Term Negative Effects for Teens

The term “sext” has been around since 2005, and is a seemingly innocuous behavior that some adults choose to engage in. However, studies and statistics have shown a rise in sexting among teens — with one in five teens admitting to having sent or received sexually explicit messages or photos — creating a concern for parents. What may seem like innocent sexual exploration in teens can actually have long-term, negative and potentially devastating consequences.

What is sexting?

Defined as transmitting sexually explicit messages, using a computer or mobile device, sexting can include text messages, photos and videos.

Revenge porn

Simply put, revenge porn is sexting gone bad. Think about it this way, your teenaged daughter engages in sexting with a young man from school. The two begin dating and your daughter is either asked to send, or initiates sending, intimate images of herself to her boyfriend.

Weeks, months in the future, your daughter’s relationship ends,

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