4 Surprising Characteristics of Kids Who Cyberbully

Whether by Android, iPhone, Snapchat or Instagram, researchers say that a hurtful word or picture impacts a kid like a physical punch or blow – and with a lasting impact. However, the cyberbully can act quietly, anonymously, and frequently at all hours, without visual evidence of trauma.

About 43% of kids have been victims of an online bully, some having experienced it more than once. Parents and educators are left wondering what motivates the bully, what keeps the victim silent and what they can collectively do to stop the violence.

The Bully
Online bullies have a target audience—most often their friends and acquaintances. Most victims are known to the perpetrator and many perpetrators will shrug off an attack as “just a joke.” However, the “jokes” continue and become more abusive over time. There are some interesting characteristics about the bully with which a parent ought to understand:

The bully may target others online because

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