How Predators Could Be Playing Online Games with Your Child

Dateline’s To Catch a Predator series left a lasting impression on me, and many others, I’m sure, despite the relatively short run of the series. Admittedly, I only caught an episode or two, but it was enough to illustrate how cunning and dangerous online predators can be. Now that I’m a parent, I have to be ever more vigilant as online predators find new ways to interact with children.

It may seem great to be able to stream Netflix through your child’s Xbox, PlayStation or Wii, but that online capability could be putting your child in danger. Online games have featured chat rooms for years, but gaming consoles, with the ability to play both online and off, create an added security threat for concerned, and often unsuspecting, parents.

Online predators are now using gaming to infiltrate the ranks of innocent children, grooming them through game chat features. Especially disconcerting is the use

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Approximately £9.50 or €12.50 per month.

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