When to Get The School Involved If A Child is Cyberbullied

School is supposed to be a place where children learn, socialize, play and grow. The farthest thought from a parent’s mind is their child coming home from school depressed, withdrawn, hurt, injured or sad. Unfortunately, we see too many cases of bullying in the schools today, including cyberbullying. Growing up decades ago, when one thought of a bully, they would associate it with the playground or recess time at school (or after school). Today, the bullying has stepped it up to heightened new measures, especially with the use of social media websites and apps.

Parents struggle with this issue daily. Some of the questions that come to mind are:

How did this happen? Who is involved? Does the school know what is going on? What are the other parents doing about this? When should I get the school involved? Should I call the parents of the child who is bullying my child?

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