6 Warning Signs of Suicidal Thoughts: Understanding Your Teen’s Cry for Help

Whether a parent has heard it or not, nothing brings about more fear for a family when their child runs off screaming, “I wish I were dead!” Screams that perhaps began in tears or angst over a family argument, relentless bullying from so-called “friends” or a progressive tumble into a deep depression. Parents, and others, might be tempted to look the other way, writing off the behavior as “typical teenage rebellion” or as “a kid who just needs attention.” Needing attention is exactly what this child needs and sometimes they don’t know how to best let you know. The warning signs of suicidal risks and what you can do about them are important to understand.

Understanding Potential Risks

Withdrawal from Usual Activities: When kids who have been typically interested in activities and friends begin withdrawing from friends, activities and family gatherings, it is important to wonder what might be going on for

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