7 Myths About Bullying

Bullying is just as pervasive in child and teen culture now as it ever was before. Just because it’s always been around, however, doesn’t mean it should be; nor does it mean that the most common ideas about bullying—It’s just kids being kids; I would know if my kid was a bully—hold true.

Quite the contrary, many of the most widely known “facts” about bullying are actually myths. With 22 percent of students (one in every four) reporting being bullied throughout the school year, it’s important that parents, teachers, students and school administrators get the details straight.

Here are the top seven myths that are commonly believed to be true—but aren’t.

Myth #1: Cyberbullying isn’t as bad as physical bullying.
This myth is outright wrong—in fact, cyberbullying can be even more detrimental than physical bullying because there’s more social isolation involved. What’s more, this new form of bullying has become the norm for many

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