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At the end of 2015, we sent out a newsletter that mentioned we were going to create the best podcast possible on the topic of marriage. We didn’t want just another talking head host interviewing people around the up’s and down’s of marriage.

We wanted something that pulled people in that people could relate with, but at the same time wanted to listen to. To get a sneak peek of this new format of podcast, you can listen to the preview episode at

My friend Matt Carter knows how to do podcasts. He started and went on to create  

I called him at the beginning of last year and shared with him my simple idea. 

“I want to create the best marriage podcast.”

He said, “What is your budget?”

I said, “You tell me.” 

He called me back a few days later and said, “I have always wanted to do something more…

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Approximately £9.50 or €12.50 per month.

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