War Games: Answer Your Call of Duty

He lived in a nice quiet neighborhood, where the loudest sounds around were the birds’ wake-up songs and the distant drone of a lawnmower.

But every evening, around 5:30, when walking up his front steps, the father of two teenage boys heard the sounds of bombs going off and rapid gunfire. The sounds came from inside the living room, as a new ongoing war getting out of control.

His boys were playing war video games like Call of Duty-Black Ops, and the father, although annoyed and concerned, had basically waved the surrender flag. He did this because he felt powerless to slow them down. Talking to them about the documented dangers of video game addiction and the frequent exposure to the violent on-screen images seemed pointless at times; as his sons’ friends were doing the same thing, which also made their parents throw up their hands.

Video game violence has become just as

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