4 Ways Parental Control Software Limits Cyberbullying

Please take an interest in what your children do online. Find out what social media platforms they are using and be sure that their use is appropriate and kind.

This is Lucy Alexander’s plea, in an open letter, penned after her son Felix took his own life; the result of years of cyberbullying.

The rise in smartphone ownership and usage, paired with the number of children online on a daily basis, has contributed to the rates of cyberbullying tripling over the previous year. Cyberbullying, so prevalent it’s now deemed a public health issue (some even labeling it a public health crisis), is no longer something we, as parents, can ignore and assume is someone else’s problem…until it becomes a problem of our own. Parents, we are the frontline, we are the ones who can help stop cyberbullying.

Alexander urges parents to be vigilant and involved in their children’s online lives:

“A region that

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Approximately £9.50 or €12.50 per month.

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