7 Steps for a Smartphone Digital Cleanup

Most of take some time each week or month to tidy our homes (do laundry, dust, vacuum, take out the trash). We even require this of our children as leverage before allowing them go to a friend’s birthday party.

Your smartphone should be no exception. We seem to pack our smartphones with “stuff” daily. We routinely download songs, movies, games, files, snap photos, or save photos from texts and emails. While our iPhones and Androids are indeed “smart” devices, they can get bogged down with the relentless barrage of digital clutter. Like us, phones have a “limited capacity” to deal with information before it gets overwhelmed. So, before you receive that dreadful “Out of Storage” message (right when you are set up to create this most awesome video), the key is to avoid perfection and use a quick set of tips to get you through the process quickly. Here are six

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