7 Tips to Mixing Faiths & Cultures in Your Holiday Celebration

When I was a kid, my Catholic family got together on Christmas Eve for a two-day event. My Jewish cousins and uncle would attend too and we would decorate with both a Christmas tree and a menorah. At dinner, my uncle was always gave a Hebrew blessing over our meal.

For me, this sparked an interest in Judaism and later helped me to learn more about it as I studied it from a Christian angle. In fact, I always felt badly about the Christmas gifts, until my cousins explained, not too graciously, that Hanukkah offered them 8 days of gifts!

7 Tips for Mixing Faiths in Your Holiday Celebration

If your family is mixing faiths and cultures during this year’s holiday celebrations, take some time to make this a memorable event for everyone that fosters family, friendship and diversity. Here are 7 tips to help you get started.

Have loved ones share their faith.

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