9 Steps Parents Can Take When Your Child is Cyberbullied

As we all know, cyber bullying can be dangerous. Being mocked online can be particularly hurtful to a child, who may feel as if there is no escape from the ridicule. How can you tell if your child is being cyber bullied?

The behavioral warning signs are similar to those of face to face bullying, however, they occur around time spent online. A change in your child’s habits when they are online, such as spending much less time on his phone or depressed, angry or disruptive moods may be a clue as well. He may ask you to block emails or phone numbers or shut down his online accounts after being bullied. You can also search social media to find out if accounts are being opened under his name, which is another form of bullying.

If you are certain that your child is a victim, it’s time for you to get involved

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