How To Manage Screen Time These Holidays

Gosh I love December. The kids are on school holidays, the homework has finished and work is quietening down. Bliss really. Finally a little time to breathe.

But what are your kids up to? Are they outside playing cricket, riding bikes or making cubby houses? Or are they inside, glued to their devices?

When I was young, school holidays were all about play. Concerts, dress ups, riding bikes… oh the good old days! But to this generation of kids, play has a very different definition – and it usually involves a device.

I know countless parents who feel genuinely exasperated when it comes to their kids’ technology usage. They often feel that their households have been taken over by devices and they just don’t know how to get a handle on it. Many implement a super-strict technology diet which results in family tension – fabulous just on Christmas! Others choose…

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