Not All News Was Bad in 2016

For me, 2016 has been a year of news stories I wish were erased from my mind. From the election to the Kardashians, if I hear one more person ‘venting’ on social media or a news story featuring ‘what celebrity is pregnant because they gained 2 pounds while on vacation’ I may go crazy.

Really?! Is that what people care about?

In an effort to take responsibility for creating some good in the world, I decided to find the stories that make me happy. After all, Mr. Rodgers always told me “Always look for the helpers”. Well, that’s what I did and boy was I inspired by the kindness and generosity of everyday people. Grab your tissues and take a look!

Text mistake brings Thanksgiving dinner invitation. A Grandma’s accidental text to a teen sparked a conversation that led to dinner. It’s great to hear positive stories about accidental communication.

Cashier pays it forward

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