Parents: Plug in by Unplugging

Parents concerned about their children’s technology usage should examine their own

The college sweaters are long gone. Kids are running around the house. And we are solidly middle-aged. We do a lot of things to stay young. Hit the gym. Rub in the moisturizer. Color the hair. Anything to look and act young again. Thanks to the folks at Common Sense Media, we now know of one youthful behavior pattern that we mini-van driving parents have in common with our smartphone-addicted teenagers: we watch screens just as much as they do!

Okay, so that’s maybe not a youthful connection we want to maintain. But for those parents who are hoping to curb some of the over-the-top media usage they observe in their children, it might be best to start with your own technology habits. Below are three things parents should consider.

1. Examine your own behavior
Earlier this year, many parents were shocked when

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