Roasting the new Cyberbullying Trend

A new cyberbullying trend called “roasting” is taking the internet by storm and wreaking havoc for targeted kids across the globe. What started as a popular Reddit thread called “Roast Me” and then became a popular television event on Comedy Central roasting has been gaining in popularity. Some of today’s biggest celebrities have been the subject of these roasts including Justin Bieber, Joan Rivers, and even President Elect Donald Trump.

These roasts are often hard to watch as these people’s peers rip them apart with hurtful insults and personal attacks all in the name of a laugh. While celebrities can sometimes handle this situation, and do so voluntarily, recently young kids have started getting in on the action by roasting their peers on social media and other public forums with catastrophic consequences.

What is Roasting?
A roast is when a person subjects themselves to public ridicule and insults from their peers under the

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