Talk to Your Kids About Rating Teachers

We’ve all been there: that one teacher that we thought was really unfair. In the past, kids would complain to parents, friends and maybe even other staff members at school. A few students might try to get even with a teacher, but often that would cause enough trouble to stop the issue.

Today, however, kids can do great harm to a teacher, thanks to both social media and a site called Rate My Teacher. This website allows people to anonymously rate teachers on a scale of 1 to 5 and add comments.

According to the site’s frequently asked questions (FAQs), over 65% of the ratings of teachers are positive. However, that still leaves a negative rate of nearly 35%. Here are five problems this teacher rating website can cause:

While the site has guidelines about commenting, it does not allow anyone to remove a negative or false review from someone else. In fact,

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