The Power of Likes in Social Media

Social media has become as ingrained in our culture as going out to dinner or celebrating St. Patrick’s day; it’s just something we do. While many adults have a healthy relationship with social media, having spent a better part of their life without the Internet, most kids can’t say the same.

We know that they love texting—in fact, 90 percent of teens text, with an average of 30 texts sent each day, as reported by Pew Research Center and their love for social media is no different.

The same Pew Research social media overview reports that 24 percent of teens report being online “almost constantly” and 71 percent use more than one social media site, with Facebook being the most popular.

While your teen may be posting harmless photos, commenting on friend’s posts, and changing their profile picture, it’s why they’re doing it, and what they’re doing without realizing, that matters most.

The power

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