You Won’t Believe Who Just Endorsed Net Nanny

After our Black Friday promotion, we received a number of re-tweets from parents and parenting experts, but I must admit this year is the first time we received a tweet from an adult film star.

The twitter post drives home the point that it is our role as parents to be diligent in blocking inappropriate content. Children are always only 2 clicks away from pornographic images and video on social platforms such as Twitter. While Twitter will block inappropriate images, it only takes one more click for kids to be exposed to inappropriate content such as pornography, nudity, and violence.

What Parents Need to Know About Twitter.
Twitter is a free “microblogging” and social-networking site that brings up issues of safety, privacy, and a lasting digital footprint. Unlike Facebook, Twitter allows users to follow or be followed by anyone (unless you block them). This is what makes Twitter enticing because kids can follow any

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Approximately £9.50 or €12.50 per month.

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