5 CES Tech Toys Parents Will Be Talking About

The CES (Consumer Electronic Show) conference, just wrapped up this weekend in Las Vegas. This show is a huge display of all the technology trends to come over the next year. Some of the larger categories of tech covered included Cars, TVs, Augmented reality, and virtual assistants.

But what does this mean for your kids and their toys?

Here are six of the latest and greatest tech toys that your kids are going to love.

Aristotle by Mattel

This is Mattel’s new virtual assistant for kids and families. Aristotle is developed by Microsoft, and uses new Artificial Intelligence technology, similar to many other virtual assistants that have recently come out. One advantage to Aristotle’s technology is that it is able to grow with your child in stages from Aristotle Baby all the way to Aristotle Tween. Starting as a high-tech baby monitor in Aristotle baby it tracks your child’s developments.

In the next stage, Aristotle

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Approximately £9.50 or €12.50 per month.

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