Heavy Screen Time Rewires Your Child’s Brain

Could screen time actually be beneficial to your child’s cognitive development? It was once theorized that the more stimulation on the child’s developing brain the better. Of course, this theory was suggested prior to the onset of phones, tablets, and social media!

Is the human brain designed to withstand the exposure to screen time that we’re seeing in today’s youth? Many would argue no. Studies have suggested that excessive screen time is associated with increased hyperactivity, increased tendency towards risky behavior, obesity and delayed language development.

Innovation of the Human Brain

Recent research out of the University of California asked the question, “has the human brain evolved along with our growing technologically advanced culture?”. A 2012 survey conducted by the Pew Research Center showed that more than half of the internet experts interviewed predicted the brains of teens and young adults will be wired differently, and yield positive outcomes, by 2020. Some of

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