Help! My Child Just Got His First Phone, Now What?

Q: We held off as long as we could but finally decided to give our child a smartphone for Christmas. He is 11 and our oldest. I can already feel the shift in our home and in his attitude. Do you have any tips for newbies (both parents and kids) just stepping into this world? We put a few rules in place but it’s pretty clear after just a few weeks, we need more guidance, please help! ~ Kara S., Midlothian, Va. 

A: Hats off to you for caring enough to research this question and reach out to us, mom. A phone gives your child daily access to a community that is outside of your influence and largely, your control. So, you are not alone in your concerns or in your feeling that your family dynamic is shifting. Giving a child a personal phone is a big step that requires your…

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