Parent discusses sharenting safely and managing kids’digital lives as they grow

Laura, mother of four gives her experience of how she shares pictures of her children online and how this is changing as they get older.

Laura is a website owner and Mum of four living in Dorset. Her children, aged from 10 to 18, are educated at home, and use the Internet regularly for study and leisure.

As an avid social media user and online writer, Laura has shared photos of her children online since they were small. “I share images on Facebook, purely sharing day to day life with family and friends,” she says. “Then we share images on the blog when we’re reviewing products or experiences. It’s part of the job.”

Sharenting safely

The issue of “sharenting” is one that Laura does think about. “I always try and be respectful, and ensure there’s nothing embarrassing for the future grown-up to look back on,” she says.



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