Research Links Heavy Social Media Usage to Depression in Kids

A recent study found that 4 percent of 16-year-olds were in the at-risk category having high levels of depression symptoms, low self-esteem and elevated social media use.

In another instance, a study published in November, from the University of Lancaster, England, looked at the many studies done on social media with teens also finding some negative effects from social media. However, researchers also found that social media, when used well, could actually help with depression.

Is Social Media Harmful For Our Children Or Helpful?

This new way of communicating using social media often worries parents. Dr. Julie Alonso-Katzowitz, a child and adolescent psychiatrist at Dell Children’s Hospital and University of Texas Austin Dell Medical School, says the important thing is to, “measure how social media is affecting your child’s life.”

If you’re seeing your child using social media in exclusion of real life friends, real life hobbies and real life relationships with the family,

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