The Parent’s Cybersafety Checklist for Back To School

Sometimes I am not sure which is more stressful – Christmas, or getting kids ready for the school year. So many things to do but so little time!

School shoes, sports shoes, stationery, textbooks, uniforms and haircuts. Phew! And of course, devices. Yes, devices are now a part of almost all back to school lists – adding yet another thing for us busy parents to manage.

Research undertaken by McAfee shows that 2 out of 5 Australian parents have no rules or restrictions around their children’s device usage. And, concerningly, 1 in 5 Australian parents don’t talk to their kids about cybercrime or online predators.

So, whether your kids are returning to school with laptops or smartphones for the first time, or they are ‘old hands’, it’s the perfect time for us parents to think about digital safety. How can we protect our kids online? How can we secure their device(s)?…

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