Trends: Adult Cyberbulling is No Laughing Matter

This past year is one for the digital record books. As incredible as it sounds, adults — not those impulsive, reckless kids — proved to be the more prolific bullies online. And, one glance at the latest headlines, and it’s clear, a digital cease-fire is nowhere in sight.

It seems every day we witness adult bullying online and off. We see blatant bullying behavior from political candidates, elected leaders, celebrities, respected public figures, and ordinary folks who become fast victims of cyberbullying simply from sharing their content online. Collectively, this adult segment has managed to drop the bullying bar to a new low by turning keyboards and media platforms into weapons.

In 2014 study, Pew Research found that 73 percent of adults have witnessed online abuse and 40 percent have been victims of it. That’s not a statistic adults can afford to take lightly. Bullying hurts no matter what your age and left unchecked, can…

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