What Smartphones Do to Children’s eyes

Thanks to Jennifer Aniston and her famous “Eye Love” commercial, the world is now aware of dry-eye disease. Today most of us, adults and children, spend too much time in front of screens, causing our eyes to get stressed from excessive exposure to screen time from computers, smartphones, and tablets. If we don’t take a break from continuous screen-time, this stress can lead to further irritation, which stresses our eyes more – creating a vicious cycle of inflammation to our eyes.

For some, this can lead to a disease commonly known as dry-eye syndrome or disease. A study in BMC Ophthalmology found that the symptoms of dry-eye disease were more prevalent in children who spend more time on their smartphones and less time outdoors than other children in the controlled study group.

The study concluded that a leading factor contributing to the increase in pediatric dry-eye disease was a reduced blink rate

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