“Wired and Tired” Are Smart Phones Fueling Your Teen’s Insomnia?

Morning after morning I try to rouse my teen for his early morning class; I’ve used blaring alarms, sweet reminders, tearing off blankets and even spray bottles that spritz water. Slumber continues despite my earnest attempts. Then the “ding” of a new message or sports alert arrives on his phone and he’s up!

Social media connections have power, not all of which are bad. But social media has the power to interrupt a good night’s rest requiring us to discipline ourselves in getting to bed and turning it off for the night.

5 Ways Social Media Impacts Sleep

Here are five things to consider when thinking about intervening with your teens (and for yourselves) regarding how social media impacts sleep:

1)  The Sleepy Adolescent:

Sleep researchers don’t have to tell parents that the adolescent brain is a little different! Moodiness, puberty, monosyllabic utterances and strange sleep patterns take over that cute little one once known

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