Your Child’s Ear Buds Could Cause Hearing Loss

Children’s headphones and earbuds are designed to help limit the negative effects of loud sounds on kid’s ears, but a new study from the New York Times says, that may not always be the case. As parents often fear, the claims of “safe for young ears” may be more marketing than truth.

Headphones and earbuds designed for kids are made to limit the volume that sound can be played, essentially protecting children’s ears from harmful high decibel sounds. This seems like a great idea in theory and one that parents across the globe have bought into, but the New York Times study claims many of the “kid safe” headphones are actually doing very little to limit volume.

The Wirecutter, a reviews website owned by the New York Times Company, conducted an analysis of 30+ sets of children’s headphones with an iPod Touch and found that over 50% of them did NOT limit

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