10 Things My Tween Daughter Should Know Before She Posts

I’m no stranger to social media. Heck, I built a business off of it. But let’s be honest: some people build their self-confidence and image off of it. And a lot of those people happen to be kids.

And if you’re good at math, you probably figured out that I was a teen parent. One who is a millennial and is now raising daughters in a time where “content is king” and social media reigns. I didn’t really get heavily involved in social media until my college years at Temple University. Those years taught me a lot about my potential, my determination, and my capabilities to achieve every dream that I set for myself and my family.

But every day that Facebook decides to remind me that, “On this day” I posted…well ya know what? That’s the past and when it comes up, I delete as much as I can. Haha!

Growing in

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