4 Secret Messaging Apps Parents Need to Know About

Back in the day, Blackberry and the BBM messaging platform dominated the confidential messaging industry – primarily for businesses and their workforce – but today, smartphones are the go-to communication device for adults, teens, and kids. They have changed how we live and, most notably, change how we communicate as a society.

The Skinny on Secret Messaging
Some of the many Apps being churned out and launched on a regular basis offer a direct or “secret” option for messaging. This means the conversation is private, not for public view and in some cases self-destructive. Once the message is sent, and then read, it is gone forever. Some apps offer options to save these messages, but most are live only for a single view. Here are four secret messaging apps parents need to know, because chances are your teens are using them daily.

4 Secret Messaging Apps Every Parent Needs to Know About


Snapchat has

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Approximately £9.50 or €12.50 per month.

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